The Pyramids Were Built By Aliens… Right??

The Pyramids Were Built By Aliens… Right??

I have a theory. Well maybe the theory doesn’t exactly belong to me, but I wanted to piece a few things together.

We’ve all seen the show Ancient Aliens right? I remember a few of the episodes from the start of the show that were pretty interesting, but since then credibility in a lot of the theories has taken a nose dive due to some of the far fetched and irrational ideas they present nowadays. One episode I specifically remember revolved around the ancient pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, Central America and even China. Some of the researchers believed that aliens built those things. The human race “lacked the technology” to build such things at scale etc etc…

That being said, I am not claiming to believe this theory but Im here saying that some of it makes some sense and let me tell you why.


ATLANTIS. Yes, you know the civilization under the sea. Yep. Atlantis has the answers.


So my theory is based on some Rosicrucian beliefs that beings from another galaxy explored our earth and settled on a continent that they called Atlantis. There are some theories on Seven Sages and all of that, but the theory goes that when these beings took great interest in earth, they wanted to create a kingdom of sorts comprised of the knowledge of the COSMOS and the UNIVERSE. Therefore the knowledge of the Atlanteans or Sages was from another galaxy and brought here… not thinking for our benefit, since we dont have much proof! (Check out the Sages story here.)


Here enters the pyramid theory. Supposedly these structures were meant to be a balance of energy strategically placed in different areas on earth. These pyramids helped maintain the balance of agriculture, weather and most importantly geological disasters. Energies were focused at these points and were considered sacred meeting places for ceremonies and maintaining earths “harmonious balance”.  Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki found the ruins of ancient buildings for about a mile below the sea near Cuba and considered them to be Atlantis.

The story goes that the Pyramid of Cheops was altered at some point causing the destruction and sinking of the continent of Atlantis (The researchers I mentioned above found three underwater pyramids and some structures close to the pyramid forms or that could be destroyed pyramids. Coincidence??). The planetary catastrophe caused the supreme sages of Atlantis to take refuge in Africa by the (you guessed it) pyramids in Egypt.


Here we have the start of mysticism in ancient Egypt and their beliefs in the Underworld and ancient gods. These Sages continued to safeguard the scientific and technical knowledge that they possessed and it is also said that the Sages have played a large part in our development as a human race. They have given us discoveries, inventions and knowledge only when we were ready to understand, receive and use them without harming ourselves. According to the Rosicrucian secret documents, the Greek Philosopher Plato was entrusted with many of the Atleantean teachings. (Read more about this here: Rosicrucian French Grand Master Raymond Bernard)

If you have ever visited any of the pyramids, its hard to knock this theory down. I traveled down to Mexico to see the pyramids of Teotihuacan and it was ridiculously spectacular. I questioned our tour guide in my horrible Spanish about when the pyramids were thought to have been built. Because the Aztecs built them, OBVIOUSLY! Right? Um, no. He said that they were already there when the Aztecs inhabited the area. They have no idea who built them.




Our group ventured to the top of the Sun Pyramid and there was a swarm of butterflies along the center. The energy was heavy (hmmm could have been the altitude?) and the emotion surreal. I also learned that all of the smaller pyramids in formation along with the Sun Pyramid formed an almost perfect formation of the solar system.


Again, what???


How the hell did that happen, and who built them? Was there an Atlantis? Did the sages exist? What did they know that we have yet to find out?